Vivian Silver, the Canadian peace activist taken hostage by Hamas, would wish to be released through non-violent means, her close friend says

Vivian Silver
Canadian-born Vivian Silver, 74, was initially thought to have been kidnapped by Hamas and taken into Gaza on Oct. 7. Her remains were identified a short time ago, confirming she had been murdered the same day. (Submitted photo)

As Israeli tanks and infantry forces began a limited push into Gaza over the weekend, ahead of an expected full-scale ground invasion, families and friends of the now-230 hostages taken by Hamas on Oct. 7 want to make sure their loved ones aren’t forgotten. That’s why Toronto social worker Lynne Mitchell, a longtime friend of kidnapped Canadian-Israeli peace activist Vivian Silver, is speaking out.

She’s telling the world who Silver is and how her friend went to Israel to devote her life to helping forge peaceful relationships between Palestinians, Israeli Arabs and Jews. She believes Silver, a widow, would not want to be freed through violent raids—but rather by mediation or negotiation.

It’s been more than three weeks since Silver, 74, was captured by Hamas while hiding in her safe room inside her Kibbutz Be’eri home, where 130 residents were later found slaughtered.

Mitchell joins The CJN Daily to share how Silver’s family has been navigating this tense moment—and what she hopes will happen next.

What we talked about

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