Listen to the 2024 Great Canadian Seder—now with tips for navigating political family arguments

Guests of the third annual Great Canadian Seder. Clockwise from top left: Zachary Paikin, Emil Sher, Marsha Lederman, Dahlia Kurtz, Gila Munster, Jonathan Milevsky, Raphi Zaionz and Michael Weisdorf.

For the third year in a row, Bonjour Chai is proud to present the Great Canadian Seder, a coming-together of notable and insightful Canadian Jews from across different demographics and denominations.

Why is this year different from all other years? Because Passover celebrations across Canada will likely be marred, like any good family gathering, by some kind of political argument over Israel. How should you navigate these murky waters and keep the peace while leaning back in your chair over a few cups of wine? And as haggadah-writers co-opt the Passover story for myriad unrequested adaptations, does this change whether the stories we tell should be universalized for broader audiences?

To hear answers, stories, musings, anecdotes and teachings, we’re joined by prominent seder guests from around the country:

  • Emil Sher, author and playwright
  • Dahlia Kurtz, radio host
  • Zachary Paikin, foreign policy researcher
  • Gila Munster, drag performer
  • Marsha Lederman, author and Globe and Mail columnist
  • Michael Weisdorf, CEO, The CJN
  • Jonathan L. Milevsky, author and educator; and Raphi Zaionz, founder of mygoals Inc. (“The value of Jews to Canada“)
  • Naomi Harris, photographer
  • Lissa Skitolsky, editor-in-chief, Cannabis Jew Magazine
  • Jamie Golombek, tax expert
  • The children and teachers at Gray Academy of Jewish Education

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