This Earth Day, pretend it’s Shabbat—and take a break for the environment

A gathering of the Green Sabbath Project in Berlin. (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Schorsch)

You may not think of keeping Shabbat as environmental activism—but Jonathan Schorsch does. The founder of the Green Sabbath Project is on a mission to tackle climate change by adapting the biblical Jewish practice into something universally good for our planet. After all, in the Venn diagram of environmentalism and observant Judaism, “Not driving one day a week” falls right in the middle.

For Earth Day, Schorsch joins Not That Kind of Rabbi from his base in Berlin to explain his movement and pitch anyone who cares about environmentalism, Jewish and non-Jewish, on adopting the classical idea of Shabbat by simply relaxing every Saturday without technology, consumerism or an ecological footprint. As his organization puts it, “Make one day every week an Earth Day.”


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