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Established in 1960, The Canadian Jewish News is a not-for-profit, award-winning media organization producing content that matters to the diverse community of Jews in Canada, through articles, podcasts and events.

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Chief Executive Officer and Editor-in-Chief
Yoni Goldstein

Managing Editor
Marc Weisblott

News Editor
Lila Sarick

Senior Editor
Phoebe Maltz Bovy

Director of Podcasts
Michael Fraiman

The CJN Daily
Ellin Bessner (host and writer)
Zachary Kauffman (producer)

Bonjour Chai
Avi Finegold, Ilana Zackon, David Sklar

Featured Podcast Hosts
Ralph Benmergui, Rivka Campbell, Laura Leibow, James Hirsh and Gabe Pulver

Reporting Contributors
Jeremy Appel (Calgary), Janice Arnold (Montreal), John Longhurst (Winnipeg)

Sales Director
Grace Zweig

General Manager
Kathy Meitz

Board of Directors
Bryan Borzykowski President
Sam Reitman Treasurer and Secretary
Ira Gluskin
Mark Sherman
Jacob Smolack
Elizabeth Wolfe