Fighting antisemitism and learning to skate: An interview with Israel’s new ambassador to Canada

Ronen Hoffman, Israel's new ambassador to Canada, newly arrived in Ottawa. (Photo courtesy of Israel in Canada)

As Israel’s new ambassador to Canada, Ronen Hoffman has only been in the country a few weeks. But his priority list is already long. He plans to fight antisemitism, counter the threat of global terrorism and forge new industrial and economic ties between Israel and Canada.

He steps into a post that’s been vacant for two years. Partly because of the pandemic, and partly because of the chaos that has been Israeli politics for the past two years, Canada hasn’t had an Israeli ambassador since Nimrod Barkan stepped down in 2019. Hoffman himself was appointed in the summer of 2021, but could only make it to Canada by Hanukkah.

Today, in his first interview with The CJN Daily, Hoffman joins from his office in Ottawa to discuss his goals and what makes him a perfect fit for his new job. For a longer version of the story, read our Q and A here.

What we talked about:

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