David Warsofsky on what it’s like heading to the Winter Olympics with Team USA

David Warsofsky, playing for ERC Ingolstadt, is heading to the Winter Olympics in 2022. (Photo courtesy ERC Ingolstadt)

David Warsofsky has spent over a decade playing pro hockey. He’s skated for the Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, New Jersey Devils and Colorado Avalanche. Now with ERC Ingolstadt in Germany, he’s heading to the Winter Olympics in Beijing on behalf of the American national hockey team this month.

Gabe and Jamie, hosts of The CJN’s sports podcast Menschwarmers, caught up with the half-Jewish, half-Catholic defenceman days before he flew out to China. Plus, they discuss the least-Jewish Superbowl in years, and the complicated politics that go into China hosting another Olympic games.

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