An ode to Curb Your Enthusiasm, the most Jewish sports show there ever will be

Shaquille O'Neal guest starred in an early episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm", combining creator Larry David's cringe comedy with his love of sports. (Image courtesy of HBO)

This weekend, the long-running Jewish comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm will air its final episode. Over more than 20 years, creator Larry David did more than redefine what improv comedy could look like in a single-camera sitcom—he also showed the world what diehard Jewish sports fandom looked like.

But before the show plays its iconic theme song one last time, the hosts of our Jewish sports podcast, Menschwarmers, wanted to pay tribute to what they’ve decided is the most Jewish sports TV show of all time. It’s unlikely we’ll see another TV program so unabashedly Jewish embrace baseball, basketball and golf in the same culturally specific way, so let’s dive in and remember some of the show’s best sports episodes and gags.

Plus, the boys talk about Zach Hyman’s recent “Jew-bilee”, scoring 50 goals this season (to much acclaim and a little antisemitism), as well as Jewish golfers to root for this month and Jewish NHL players worth keeping eyes on ahead of the summer Olympics.


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