When should a person with dementia be moved into a facility? L’Chaim Retirement Home has expert advice 

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Many families inquire about our specialized dementia care home but often the decision is an extremely difficult one to make. Almost all people have wishes to remain in their home to age in their familiar surroundings. What happens when the home environment doesn’t serve the needs of the person any longer. Do you go against their wishes? How do you know when it’s the right time to make that move.

The most common reason to consider a move is caregiver stress and support. If the primary caregiver, often a spouse or family member, is overwhelmed and unable to meet the increasing demands of providing care, it might be necessary to explore alternative options like a facility. Caregiver burnout can negatively impact both the caregiver’s and the person’s well-being. If the caregiver is becoming unwell themselves, this is an indication that move is needed.

There are also safety concerns to consider. If the person with dementia is experiencing frequent falls, wandering, constantly requesting the attention of their caregiver, resisting care or other behaviors that pose a risk to their safety, it may be necessary to consider a move to a facility where they can receive round-the-clock supervision and care.

Many people move to L’Chaim after they’ve exhausted the care abilities of a private caregiver at home. It’s unlikely that one caregiver can provide the social interaction needed as well as stimulating and engaging the person in meaningful activities many times per day. Isolation and loneliness can be detrimental to a person’s mental and emotional well-being. Boredom is a major issue with dementia. Many translate the boredom as a lack of interest due to the cognitive impairment but that’s not so. People with dementia have trouble making or initiating decisions so planning what activity they would like to do next is not likely. Many are left to watching TV and frequently napping during the day. Environments need to be prepared for them. Meaningful and relatable activities need to be set up in simplified and relatable way. This requires some planning, creativity, effort and patience.

L’Chaim Retirement Home places a strong emphasis on fostering an enjoyable atmosphere through meaningful activities. We dedicate significant efforts towards engaging each resident based on their individuality and interests. For instance, if a resident had a passion for cooking prior to being diagnosed with dementia, we provide numerous simplified food preparation activities that are both familiar and purposeful. The activity is set up to be fail-proof. We present these activities as collaborative efforts, allowing them to feel a sense of contribution. By involving them in real-life activities throughout the day, we enable them to channel their energy in a natural manner.

The decision to move your loved one into a care facility will always be a difficult one. If you can imagine the responsibility of care being lifted from your shoulders and regain some desperately needed freedom, then a move may be necessary. Choosing a qualified home that will provide 24/7 care and supervision by qualified nursing staff as well as all day specialized programs is the key.

At L’Chaim, our expertise is in caring for those with moderate to severe dementia in the most loving and homelike environment. Just as important as physical care is self-esteem and living life to its fullest. With a PSW to resident ratio of 1:2, we provide 24/7 care, and our team is devoted to creating a purposeful and meaningful day for each of our residents. 

For more information about our home and practices, we welcome you to call Deborah at 416-398-7898 or email [email protected] to discover dementia care at its best, or visit the website of L’Chaim Retirement Homes.