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The CJN Podcast Network creates weekly Jewish audio content that explores, analyzes and sometimes pokes fun at Jewish living in Canada and around the world.
canadian jewish podcast

Canadian Jews, listen up: this podcast’s for you. Join hosts Avi FinegoldMelissa Lantsman and Ilana Zackon as they break down the goings-on across our community. Geographically and politically diverse, this show will dive into current affairs, spiritual advice, and the latest news with in-depth analysis and special guests.

It's Hard to Say I'm Sorry
It's Hard to Say I'm Sorry
The Vaccines Will Bring the Messiah
Quaran-seder: Part Deux
Same-Sex Marriage Revolution
Trailer: Bonjour Chai

Join veteran broadcaster Ralph Benmergui as he journeys across Canada in search of proud Jews from small places. From Moncton to Moose Jaw, Glace Bay to Thunder Bay, join Ralph as he travels from coast to coast to coast in search of a truly national Canadian Jewish identity.

Listen to Episode 1 now:

S1E3 – Gavriel Strauss on How to Build a Jewish Community
jewish comedy podcast

Introducing The CJN’s new comedy podcast, These Are a Few of My Favourite Jews! Each episode, comedian Laura Leibow invites a pal to chat about their favourite Jewish person. Hopefully, someone learns something about somebody.

E3 Adam Sandler, feat. Nick Nemeroff


Gabe and Jamie are Jews. They also love sports. But most of all? They love Jews in sports. In the CJN’s biweekly Jewish sports podcast, hosts Jamie Hirsh and Gabe Pulver gab about notable Jewish athletes, interview pros and pundits and keep you updated on everything Jewish sports.

S2E6 – The Retirement of Julian Edelman
S2E6 – The Retirement of Julian Edelman
S2E5 – The Jewish Baseball Passover Seder
S2E4 – The NBA Reckons with anti-Semitism

The phrase “Kol Ram” literally means “a loud voice” in Hebrew. Veteran radio host Avrum Rosensweig certainly has a loud voice—and a valuable one. Each month, Avrum interviews a different guest to share their story and better understand what it means to be Jewish.

Julius Ciss: From Judaism to Jesus to Judaism
by The CJN Podcast Network
Julius Ciss: From Judaism to Jesus to Judaism
Aboud Dandachi: A Syrian Refugee on His Love for Israel
Introducing Kol Avrum