This Israeli expat is making Jewish life happen in Prince Edward County

The Shavuot celebration in June 2022 that kicked off Hadas Brajtman's central role in the Prince Edward County Jewish community. (Photo courtesy of Hadas Brajtman)

When Hadas Brajtman moved from Tel Aviv to Picton, Ont., to be near family, she knew it would be challenging. But she didn’t realize quite how difficult it would be. With just a tiny Jewish community, she decided to try and make something happen herself, putting a call out to locals to join her family in their backyard for a sunny Shavuot celebration.

She expected a few people would show up—and then 50 did, mostly local Jews.

That kicked off Brajtman’s new identity as a focal point of Jewish life in Prince Edward County, where the only Israelis are tourists and nearby Belleville has been struggling to keep its synagogue open during the High Holidays. With an influx of young families fleeing Toronto housing prices and a beautiful wine-country setting, Picton is one of the rare small Canadian Jewish communities that’s on the rise—and doing things their own way.


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