The owner of Vancouver’s storied Omnitsky Kosher Deli is looking to sell—or, close shop

The inside of Omnitsky's deli. (Supplied photo)

For more than 40 years, Efrem “Eppy” Rappaport has run Omnitsky Kosher—first at the original deli and store in Winnipeg; then, for the past 25 years, in Vancouver. He also operates a meat processing plant that has become Western Canada’s only fresh kosher meat supplier. But the Omnitsky’s deli building on Oak Street is not long for this world. A massive redevelopment project in the area, near the expansive upcoming JWest campus, is forcing Omnitsky’s to relocate. But Rappaport, at 65, would rather retire.

That leaves Omnitsky’s future in jeopardy. If Rappaport can’t find a buyer, he’ll simply close up shop, shutting down a business with more than a century of history.

Rappaport bought an ad in the recent edition of The CJN Magazine, hoping to connect with a buyer for the store, factory, name and delivery trucks. Now he joins The CJN Daily to explain his decision and explain why he feels guilty for selling. If anyone wants to own one of Canada’s most famous Kosher delis, now’s your chance.

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