This Canadian-made Holocaust game spotlights German housewives who stood up to Hitler and saved their Jewish spouses

Rosenstrasse LARP Holocaust game
The Rosenstrasse game lets players take on the characters of two people who lived through the only real-life protest in 1943 by thousands of non-Jewish German women against Hitler's persecution of Jews. (Unruly Designs photo)

The Rosenstrasse Protest—which occurred in Berlin in 1943 just weeks before the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, which we remember today—was the only demonstration by thousands of German citizens against the Nazis’ treatment of Jews during the Second World War. Eighty years ago this spring, non-Jewish German women stood their ground for a week near the Berlin headquarters of the Gestapo. They won the release of their 2,000 Jewish husbands, who had just been arrested and were slated for deportation.

The roundups were part of the Nazis’ plan to make Berlin free of its remaining Jews. But nearly all the intermarried Jewish spouses later survived the Holocaust.

Now, a role playing game is on sale that highlights the story of this largely unknown Rosenstrasse event. Its Canadian co-creator, Moyra Turkington of Toronto, joins The CJN Daily to showcase the historic but overlooked role which these brave non-Jewish women played in the Holocaust.

What we talked about

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