Recognize this blue moose menorah? The artist who makes them has never lit a Hanukkah candle

The moose menorah is one of the most iconic pieces sold by Acme Animal. (Supplied photo)

If you follow The CJN on social media, or have our coffee table book, or are subscribed to our current magazine, you’ve probably seen this iconic blue moose menorah. Its antlers are candle holders and a little red bird sits on its back.

What you may not know is that the quirky design turned 20 this year—and in all that time, the artist who makes them has never lit a Hanukkah candle. While Hanukkiahs are a big part of Nancy Clarke’s business—she also makes them in the shapes of elephants, alligators, cats, whales and giraffes, and sells them to Judaica stores across North America—Clarke herself is not Jewish.

Clarke joins The CJN Daily from London, Ont., to explain why it makes her happy that her art forms part of Jewish family traditions, and why she’s carrying on a tradition by making them in the first place.

What we talked about:


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