Peek behind the pages of the new book celebrating BC’s Jews

The cover of 'Looking Back, Moving Forward: 160 Years of Jewish Life in BC'. (Photo courtesy the Jewish Museum and Archives of BC)

What do Seth Rogen, Dave Barrett and Cornelia Oberlander have in common? They’re three of hundreds of notable people featured in a new coffee table book celebrating British Columbia’s Jewish community.

Looking Back, Moving Forward: 160 Years of Jewish Life in BC comes out today. It was created to mark the 50th anniversary of the Jewish Museum and Archives of British Columbia, and recounts the fascinating history of Jews in the province, dating back to before Canada was a country. Home to the third-largest Jewish community in Canada, B.C. has been home to trailblazing Jewish politicians, influential artists and powerful business tycoons.

Michael Schwartz, the director of community engagement for the museum and the book’s editor, joins to discuss how he hopes his organization’s endeavour will mitigate the rising trend of antisemitism by showcasing Canadian Jews’ myriad contributions to the country—and why why he thinks this story should be made into a miniseries.

What we talked about:

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