Modern diets are making us fat: A Canadian author explains food cravings

One of the most common new year’s resolutions is losing weight. But it’s also one of the most difficult—and the reason has less to do with willpower than with neurology.

Canadian journalist Mark Schatzker is the author of a new book, The End of Craving: Recovering the Lost Wisdom of Eating Well. Schatzker travelled the world, talking to experts and reading scientific studies, to find out why people have a hard time with food cravings and keeping pounds off. The reason, he found, has to do with the way modern food is manufactured, packed with so many added sweeteners, vitamins and additives that our brains don’t believe we’re getting enough real calories and urge us to eat more.

Schatzker joins today to discuss his book and the important takeaways for anyone hoping to eat healthier in 2022.

What we talked about:

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