MLB All-Star Alex Bregman opens up about playing for Team Israel and his childhood dog named ‘Koufax’

Alex Bregman, two-time All-Star and World Series champion with the Houston Astros, in conversation with The CJN's Jewish sports podcasters, the Menschwarmers.

In Game 6 of the Major League Baseball World Series in November 2021, in the bottom of the second inning, the Houston Astros’ two-time All-Star Alex Bregman stepped up to bat. He faced off against the Atlanta Braves’ Max Fried, slammed the ball high into the right field, and found himself out of luck when outfielder Joc Pederson caught the ball.

Jewish baseball fans recognized the significance of this swift moment, in which all three players in this high-stakes game were themselves Jewish. It has since been called the most Jewish play in any MLB matchup, let alone a World Series. But Bregman himself didn’t think about it until later—he has since joked about it in his group chat with other Jewish MLB players, in between pipedream chats about joining up to play for Team Israel at the World Baseball Classic.

He tells these stories and more on the latest episode of Menschwarmers, The CJN’s Jewish sports podcast. Will he suit up for Team Israel in 2026? What was it like when he finally met Sandy Koufax? What was the reception like after he wore a Star of David on the field in the aftermath of Oct. 7? Listen and subscribe to find out.


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