Meet the flagbearers leading Canada’s team of 600 into the 21st Maccabiah Games

Volleyball players Nick and Conaire Taub and hockey goalie Molly Tissenbaum will be the three Canadian flagbearers for this year's 2022 Maccabiah Games. (Supplied photos)

The Maccabiah Games—sometimes called the Jewish Olympics, since they also happen every four years—are due to start July 12 in Israel. Organizers estimate 10,000 Jewish athletes from around the world will travel to Israel to compete in arenas across Jerusalem, Haifa and Netanya.

Among that massive crowd will be a sizable delegation of 600 Canadians, competing in badminton and baseball, karate and cricket, and, yes, of course hockey.

Three flagbearers will march in the opening ceremony, all of whom join us today. Twin brothers Conaire and Nick Taub of Calgary are both playing on the under-18 men’s volleyball team, and Molly Tissenbaum, a Toronto native now working in Boston, will be playing goalie for the women’s ice hockey team—a category of the sport that’s making it’s Maccabiah debut this year.

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