Israel ‘weighing its options’ on retaliation for Canada’s weapon sales ban, says ambassador Iddo Moed

Israel's ambassador to Canada, Iddo Moed, calls for the release of the remaining Israeli hostages in a video posted to the "Israel in Canada" Twitter account on March 22, 2024.

Just days after Canadian lawmakers voted to stop further export permits of arms sales to Israel, the Israeli ambassador to Ottawa, Iddo Moed, hinted the move would not go unanswered. He told The CJN that Canada’s decision to halt weapons sales—even though the motion was non-binding on the government—sent “the wrong message at the wrong time.”

However, Moed denied that Canada’s new policy would make it harder for Israel to defend itself in its current war against Hamas. This is a walk back from comments the ambassador made earlier last week to other media organizations.

So how does Israel now view Canada’s pivot in military support for the Jewish State after the March 18 House of Commons vote? What does Israel make of Canada becoming the first G7 country to renew funding for UNRWA, before the UN’s own internal investigation is finished? Is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even welcome in Israel anymore? Moed returns to The CJN Daily nearly six months after his first interview with us, which took place just hours following the Oct. 7 massacre.

What we talked about

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  • Hear Moed’s first interview with The CJN Daily after Oct. 7, on The (transcript available)


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