What’s the outlook for Naftali Bennett’s new government?

The Knesset in Jerusalem. (Photo by Chris Yunker/Wikimedia Commons)

This week, Israel got its first new prime minister in over a decade: Naftali Bennett, an Orthodox right-wing politician, formed an unlikely governing coalition with centrist and left-wing parties, as well as the United Arab List.

Bennett, who spent some formative years living in Montreal as a young child, has staunch positions on controversial domestic issues. He supports settlements in the West Bank, rejects the prospect of a nuclear deal with Iran and opposes a two-state solution with Palestine.

Keeping an eye on all this movement, from his home in Jerusalem, is Canadian professor Irwin Cotler. On today’s episode, the former Liberal MP and human rights lawyer describes Israel’s current political climate, and what Bennett’s election could mean for Canada.

What we talked about:

Watch Ellin’s full, uncut interview with Cotler below:

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