Death doesn’t take a holiday: Remembering some significant deaths in Jewish Canada from summer 2022

Clockwise from top left: Clayton Ruby, Mel Hoppenheim, Leslie Vertes, Irving Abella, Rabbi Dow Marmur and Max Eisen.

While summertime is usually quiet for news, The CJN’s obit department (which is mostly veteran reporter Ron Csillag) has been busy at work covering some of the biggest losses in the Canadian Jewish community.

In the third part of our recurring segment, The CJN Daily Dead Beat, Ellin and Ron sit down to discuss the lives of six prominent Canadian Jews: Max Eisen, one of the country’s most famous Holocaust survivors and educators; historian Irving Abella, whose seminal work, None is Too Many, defined Canada’s disgraceful past attitudes towards Jews; Rabbi Dow Marmur, who spent 17 years as spiritual leader of Toronto’s Holy Blossom Temple; memoirist and survivor Leslie Vertes; Clayton Ruby, a lawyer who dedicated his career to social justice; and Mel Hoppenheim, known as “Mr. Hollywood North”.

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