How Colt Cabana became one of the world’s most famous Jewish wrestlers

Colt Cabana (Supplied photo)

Since his humble beginnings in the Midwest wrestling scene in the early 2000s, Scott Colton, a.k.a. Colt Cabana, has grown into a seismic force in the pro wrestling world. After diving into the WWE as Scotty Goldman—a character presented perhaps a little antisemitically by the organization—a he made a name for himself as a world heavyweight champion in numerous global competitions and recently signed with the All Elite Wrestling league, rivaling his former titanitc overlords at the WWE.

Cabana joins Menschwarmers, The CJN’s podcast about Jews and sports, to chat about his rise to fame, his own podcast, his decision to join the nascent AEW and how he faced antisemitism along the way.

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