Braving blazing heat, Canadians are hiking the Israeli desert for charity

Toby Rosner (purple shirt) helps push Steve Bloomberg, an Israeli victim of a terror attack in 2001, on One Family Fund's annual fundraising hike. (Photo courtesy One Family Fund Canada)

When hostilities broke out in May between Israel and Hamas, 13 Israelis were killed and more than 300 others were wounded. Staff from OneFamily, an Israeli charity with strong Canadian roots, which offers support to terror victims in Israel, swung into action, visiting hospitals and figuring out what resources were needed.

It’s been this way for 20 years, over which time their annual hike across Israel—happening this week, spearheaded by the charity’s Canadian branch—has become a signature event. This year, hikers are hoping to raise $300,000 as they trek the hills of the Ein Gedi nature reserve with some victims of terrorism and their families.

It’s a smaller group than usual, with just 29 Canadians and a couple of Americans, due to the pandemic. However, as usual, the hike still brings the charity’s volunteers face-to-face with the Israeli families supported by their efforts and donations. They tackle the terrain together—even if some of the hikers are in wheelchairs.

OneFamily Fund supporters Bruce Cowley and Robyn Mirsky join today, along with the organization’s executive director, Toby Rosner.

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