Record price expected for this rare WW1 poster made just for Canadian Jews

The Jews the World Over Love Liberty
The Jews the World Over Love Liberty / Have Fought For It & Will Fight For It, circa 1917. (Courtesy Swann Auction Galleries)

For 25 years, Nicholas D. Lowry has been one of the experts on the PBS program Antiques Roadshow, where everyday folks bring old furniture, trinkets or artifacts to see if they’re worth anything. Lowry is the one with the curly mustache and plaid suits.

You wouldn’t think he has a connection to the Canadian Jewish community. But this week, Lowry’s family business, Swann Auction Galleries in New York City, is auctioning off a rare piece of Canadian Jewish history that he expects to sell for a record price: a poster that was used to encourage men to sign up for the only exclusively Jewish military unit in Canadian history, the Jewish Reinforcement Draft Company.

Lowry, who is also Jewish, joins The CJN Daily podcast to explain why the poster is so rare, what the story behind it is and who might end up the lucky bidder of the night.

What we talked about:

  • See the poster on Swann’s website,
  • Look at a group portrait of the Jewish Reinforcement Draft Company in 1917
  • Read “Beloved Yiddish actor Pinchas Blitt is toasted on his 90th birthday (and memoir launch)” at

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