Anthony Housefather explains why he didn’t quit the Liberals—and what he’ll do next

Anthony Housefather
Montreal Liberal MP Anthony Housefather tells the crowd at Congregation Beth Tivkah in Dollard-des-Ormeaux on Sunday April 7, 2024 why fighting antisemitism will likely be his full time job going forward. (Facebook)

Mount Royal’s Member of Parliament, Anthony Housefather, has made headlines for the past three weeks for publicly mulling over whether to quit the governing Liberal party. He found himself torn after being one of just three members of his own party to reject an anti-Israel motion held in Parliament on March 18.

But late on Friday, April 5, Housefather announced he will be staying a Liberal after all. Why? It’s partly because he says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau committed to doing even more to fight the rampant antisemitism in Canada since Oct. 7—and expects Housefather to play an important new role. The exact details will be formally announced sometime before Passover, he tells The CJN.

He will likely work together with Canada’s special envoy on combatting antisemitism, Deborah Lyons, to tackle the relentless anti-Israel street protests replete with hateful language that have become regular events. He also wants to find better ways to help Jews feel safer, especially at Jewish buildings and on university campuses.

Housefather joins The CJN Daily to explain why he made his choice, and what pushback he’s been receiving from Jewish voters and others who felt he should jump to the Conservatives because of that party’s stronger support for Israel.

What we talked about

  • Hear Housefather explain why he thought about quitting the Liberal party after March 18’s anti-Israel vote, on The CJN Daily
  • Anthony Housefather intends to run again, in Mount Royal, in The CJN
  • Why the Montreal Jewish community received a court injunction blocking aggressive protests outside Jewish buildings until early April, in The CJN


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