A Tory MP claims the Liberals ‘stole’ his Holocaust denial bill—and watered it down

Conservative MP Kevin Waugh, left, and Liberal MP Ya'ara Saks. Waugh is arguing the Liberals stole a bill he introduced in February 2022 that would outlaw Holocaust denial.

As Parliament resumed Monday after a two-week break, politicians jumped straight into debating the recently revealed annual budget. Tucked inside the Liberals’ hefty document, on page 275, is a proposal that would ban Holocaust denial. This might normally be welcome news across the aisle, except that the Conservatives already presented a nearly identical bill back in February.

Kevin Waugh, the MP for Saskatoon–Grasswood, is now furious at the federal government, claiming they stole his idea in drafting their own legislation—except they made it worse. Now, as Yom ha-Shoah approaches Thursday, the House of Commons finds itself in the unusual position of having to debate duelling bills targeting Holocaust denial.

Waugh joins to lay out his argument—and afterwards, we’ll hear from Liberal MP Ya’ara Saks, who defends her party’s decision because she believes it will be approved faster.

What we talked about:


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