A swoosh and a schmear: Nike launches Montreal bagel-inspired sneakers

bagels and shoes
The CJN may have been the first media outlet in the world on Jan. 13 to get our hands on the newly released Nike shoe honouring the Montreal bagel. (Photo by Avi Finegold)

Nike may have issued the deciding word in the long standing debate about which city makes the best bagels in the world: the footwear company’s latest sneaker is out, and it’s an ode to the honey-dipped, dense, chewy bagel made in wood-burning ovens.

The beige, low-rise sneaker was released on Jan. 13 in Montreal—before the rest of the world could buy one. As far as we know, this is the first time anyone has immortalized the city’s most Jewish culinary invention in a shoe, right down to the sesame seeds.

The CJN’s resident sneakerhead Avi Finegold, from our sister show Bonjour Chai, braved the winter weather to see what all the excitement was about. He joins The CJN Daily to give a blessing to the next addition to his own shoe collection.

What we talked about:


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