Toronto to remove ‘dangerous and illegal’ pro-Palestinian banners

(This story has been updated with new information from the City of Toronto).

The City of Toronto says it will “immediately” remove “illegal” pro-Palestinian banners overlooking a busy expressway.

Over the past few days, The CJN has received and seen complaints on social media about pro-Palestinian banners attached to a railing and draping part of the Jameson Avenue bridge overlooking the eastbound Gardiner Expressway.

One says “boycott, divest, sanction” and “weapons ban on Israel.” Another advises, “honk your horns for Palestine.” The third is a large Palestinian flag. Visible also are several small Palestinian flags.

The CJN inquired about whether permits were needed or issued to put up the messages on city property, and whether they present a danger should they become loose and fall into traffic below.

“Hanging flags and banners from City-owned bridges, especially over expressways, without permission from the City of Toronto is dangerous and illegal,” said a statement to The CJN on Oct. 12 from City of Toronto spokesperson Eric Holmes.

“City staff are responding to have the items removed immediately as a matter of public safety for the drivers below,” he continued.

If members of the public observe banners and flags illegally hung from city-owned bridges they should contact Toronto Police and/or 311 Toronto immediately to have them removed,” Holmes added.

Update: By the afternoon of Oct. 12, city staff tell The CJN they have already responded to the location and found that the banners and flags had already been removed.