The ten best Jewish Instagram accounts


Instagram – the kids these days are all doing it. Even before the photo-sharing application was bought by Facebook, it was already making waves among the masses, soaring past Twitter in monthly users.

Of course, the Jewish population is no exception. A wide array of funny, cultural, religious and Israeli Instagram personalities have been established to illustrate what it means to be a Jew. While some use silly puns and memes to relate Judaism to the modern world, others take a more traditional approach by documenting stories of Jewish and Israeli peoples. 

In an effort to soak it all in, here’s our list of the ten best Jewish Instagram accounts out there. Note: as Instagram, to us, is supposed to be fun, we’ve refrained from mentioning any of the political or news-related accounts.


10. The Struggle Israel

The Struggle Israel mostly features quirky Jewish-themed memes that cover topical content, and a lot of lox and cream cheese bagels. There’s a ton of great jokes that will surely make you laugh, like this one:

Way ahead of you girl ?

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9. Yeah That’s Kosher

Of course, the most popular photos shared on Instagram are of food – who actually goes to restaurants to eat anymore? Dani Klein, the self-described Jewish foodie and frequenter of kosher restaurants behind Yeah That’s Kosher, takes photos of delectable Jewish foods, and not just bagels and cream cheese. With over 17,000 followers, and nearly a thousand images of meals he’s eaten, Klein is the go-to guy for kosher restaurants in New York, Toronto, and around North America.     

8. That Jewish Moment

For you observant Jews out there, That Jewish Moment features original self-made illustrations by teacher, artist and writer, Sari. The artist draws various moments that are relevant to her positive experiences with Judaism, which include cooking, reading the Torah, donating to Israeli soldiers, and finding the afikoman.

7. Porn 4 Jews

Dancing in the sukkah, Shabbat dinners, lighting the menorah, nice Jewish boys – these are the photos that make up the Porn 4 Jews account. The account is brought to you by the author of Kosher Porn and has nearly five thousand followers.  

WHAT TRUE LOVE LOOKS LIKE. Via #KosherPorn (link in bio???) & @thegoldwoman ❤️? A photo posted by Porn4Jews (@porn4jews) on

6. Seinfeld 2000

Still don’t want to come to terms with the fact that Seinfeld, an institution in Jewish comedy, is over? Neither do we. Seinfeld 2000 boasts 155,000 followers, and publishes an extensive variety of Seinfeld-related content. Like the Modern Seinfeld Twitter account, Seinfeld 2000 presents classic Seinfeld comedy, but updated for a 2015 audience.

you used to call me on my home phone A video posted by Seinfeld2000 (@seinfeld2000) on

5. JSwipe

Trying to find a nice Jewish man or woman? Look no further to find your beshert. JSwipe, the popular dating application that looks to set you up with your perfect match, also boasts a hilarious and witty Instagram account. JSwipe has over ten thousand followers and publishes content about dating in the Jewish world. Shabbat and chill anyone?

  Classic mistake. Happy Halloween! ?   A photo posted by JSwipe (@jswipe) on

4. What Jew Wanna Eat

Jewish gal Amy Kritzer’s account, What Jew Wanna Eat, documents photos of your favourite Jewish nosh. Corned beef, shakshuka, bagels, lox and cream cheese, challah, donuts, gefilte fish, rugelach, hummus, falafel and matzo ball soup – Kritzer displays a smorgasbord of mouth-watering Jew food to her twenty-one thousand followers. It’s also all kosher, which allows for some delicious recipe ideas.

3. Humans Of Judaism

A spin-off from Humans of New York, Humans of Judaism showcases Jews from across the globe with an emphasis on what Judaism and Israel means to them. With nearly forty thousand followers, Humans of Judaism features many Jews’ captivating stories. Most recently, the account has been publishing photos of victims’ stories of the tragic crimes that have been taking place in Israel. 

2. Jew Things

Jew Things focuses on the perks of being Jewish, making various silly puns and jokes. With twenty-six thousand followers, the account is perhaps the best provider of Jewish memes, from playing on Shia LaBeouf’s “Just do it!” speech to mocking our affinity for the term “oy vey.”

OY VEY, HOLY COW, OMG, WOW! ? ???? #jewthings A photo posted by #JewThings ? ? (@jewthings) on

1. Crazy Jewish Mom

Make no mistakes, Crazy Jewish Mom is one of the funniest and most original accounts out there. The profile has over 700,000 followers who tune into the daily text conversations between Kate and her crazy Jewish mother. Kate’s mother prefers to go unnamed, though we do know that she refers to her daughter as “Spawn.” She frequently quips and kvetches to Kate about getting married, though she’s not entirely keen on Kate’s boyfriend (“SuperJew”). Whether or not all the texts are real, the account emphasizes the quintessential Jewish stereotype (overbearing mothers), which is something we can all relate to, Jewish or not.

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