American Horror Story‘s Pepper portrayer comes to town

Comedian and actor Naomi Grossman (left), and her American Horror Story character Pepper

American comedian and actor Naomi Grossman is probably best known for her role as the microcephalic Pepper in two seasons of the television show American Horror Story, which begins its seventh season on FX on Sept. 14.

“Pepper was the little character that could” said Grossman. In the two seasons Grossman was in, Asylum and Freak Show, her character Pepper struggled with microcephaly, in which the brain does not develop properly from birth, resulting in a smaller that normal head, a lower intellect, abnormal facial features and dwarfism among other ailments. Having to deliver Pepper’s over the top emotions through prosthesis is what made it so comfortable for Grossman to take on the role and step out in front of the cameras, envisioning herself stepping out on stage for a live theatre performance, which remains her first love.

Grossman is getting ready to meet her fans at this summer’s Fan Expo Canada 2016 in Toronto Sept. 1-4 and tell her fans why the role of Pepper was perfect for her. She said people still recognize her on the streets, even without all the “Pepper” prosthetics.” It’s like Where’s Waldo. People feel like they win a prize when they recognize famous people in public”.While trying to break into a mainstream television role for some time, Grossman still considered herself a total unknown when she auditioned for American Horror Story. Apprehensive about shaving her head to play Pepper, what drew her to the series was that she didn’t have to commit to every season, even though she was considered at the time one of the only unifying characters among the cast.

Grossman said she would certainly consider taking on another role in American Horror Story, if the opportunity presented itself. “I never thought I would find a better role than the one I would write for myself, but [starring again in the show] would be a dream. I’m kind of excited to see what Hollywood presents to me and of course, I’ll present to it.”

Grossman who hails from Denver, Colo. but calls Los Angeles home, traces her Jewish roots through the paternal side of her family, most notably from her grandfather’s Lithuanian descent. Uber–cultured growing up, as she describes it, Grossman says she knew from a young age, performing was it for her. She always wanted to up on stage, there was really no other choice. “It ain’t easy but I’ll only stop when I no longer love it.”

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