Sagecare: A growing family! Learn what this Toronto dementia care home offers each resident

Sagecare dementia care home is the new way forward for elder living with cognitive supports. Arranged into four households or “pods”, Sagecare is a warm, tight-knit community of 51 elders living in a luxurious home-like setting. Each home has an interdisciplinary team that is led by highly-skilled nurses.  

When your loved one arrives at Sagecare, the staff makes sure their bedroom is equipped with all of the things that they love. When they wake up in the morning, they are brought downstairs for breakfast with their coffee made just how they like it. This is what makes Sagecare unique, their staff plays close attention to the details that make up your loved one and try to preserve the lifestyle they had at home.  

This is possible because Sagecare has a high staff-to-resident ratio which allows for personalized care. The staff works closely with the family to create individualized care plans and internal weekly care conferences. 

Sagecare takes care of all appointments so that you can go back to being the family member and enjoy your time with your loved one instead of being the primary caregiver. Sagecare provides geriatric and psychogeriatric consultations, small group and 1:1 recreation therapy, rich religious and culture activities, a kosher kitchen and culturally appropriate menus. Each home is equipped with a backyard terrace with a private garden. The fee is inclusive with no hidden costs.  

To be eligible, an elder must be experiencing moderate to serve cognitive impairment. They must also be in stable medical condition and have the support of family and/or friends.  

Sagecare is located on Bathurst Manor across from Irving W. Chapley Park and Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue. This beautiful community setting allows our residents peace and quiet while enhancing the home-like setting. 

Sagecare is expanding and opening a new pod with space for 21 new clients. For more details, please contact Sharon Toor, CEO at (416) 631-0405 ext. 221 or [email protected].