The Segal Centre is putting on an epic 3-hour Jewish family drama—and we visited the set

Alex Poch-Goldin, Daniel Greenberg, Arielle Shiri, Ellen David and Madison Graves in 'Prayer for the French Republic', now playing at the Segal Centre in Montreal. (Photo by Leslie Schachter)

When Lisa Rubin, artistic and executive director of the Segal Centre for Performing Arts in Montreal, caught Prayer for the French Republic in New York City last year, she walked out of the theatre certain of one thing: she had to put this show on.

She knew it wouldn’t get a long run on Broadway, overshadowed by Tom Stoppard’s Leopoldstadt next door, and few other theatre companies would pick up a three-hour-long family drama with a large cast, heavy Jewish content and a mandate to discuss the many faces of antisemitism. But for her and the Segal, it was the perfect fit.

Hosts Ilana and David got the chance to visit the Segal and go backstage, speaking with Rubin, her actors, subject-matter experts and audience members who caught a sneak peek.


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