The rest of the world is waking up to how bad things have gotten for Jews in Canada

Palestinian protests
Pro-Palestinian supporters on the Avenue Road bridge, Jan. 6. (Credit: Lila Sarick)

A slew of headlines came out this week, within Canada and beyond, warning of a rising tide of antisemitism within Canada. It’s not just Fox News and the National Post—when the Times of Israel is reporting on Canadian Jews worrying their “golden age” is over, and the Globe and Mail warns of a “dangerous slide into antisemitism“, you know things have gotten bad.

Nobody knows this better than Ellin Bessner, host of The CJN Daily, who has been reporting on day-to-day antisemitic acts, political shifts and everything else in the Jewish community since she started her breaking-news podcast in May 2021. To help understand the cultural shift, as well as Canadian government’s recent actions and internal divisions vis-a-vis Israel, she joins for a macro view of everything that’s happened in the last month (and longer).

What we talked about

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