‘I was not ready to move on’: After schoolyard antisemitism struck Stratford, Carrie Wreford took action

When Carrie Wreford moved to Stratford, she became one of the only Jews in town. (Supplied photo)

In big cities, Jews have large organizations that can advocate on their behalf. In small towns, it’s the locals themselves that need to step up. That’s what happened when antisemitic incidents were recently revealed to have happened at a school in Stratford, Ont.—just one of a rash of similar incidents in Ontario schools this year.

After Carrie Wreford heard about Hitler salutes and inflammatory videos at her son’s school, she wasn’t satisfied by the school’s reaction, which focused on this specific incident—but didn’t get at the root of the problem. So she initiated class tours of a local Holocaust museum exhibit on loan from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, which she hopes will educate local kids about the dangers of hatred and bigotry against all people, not just Jews.

Wreford shares her story, and describes life as one of the few Jews in Stratford, with Ralph Benmergui on Yehupetzville, The CJN’s podcast about Jews in small-town Canada and beyond.


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