How Jay Baruchel tapped his Jewish heritage for a new death-obsessed TV show

Jay Baruchel is hosting a new show debuting on Crave, We're All Gonna Die, debuting Apr. 30. (Photo courtesy The Lede/Bell Media)

Jews are no strangers to the apocalypse. Having survived centuries of persecution and the biggest genocide in human history, generational trauma and fears of fatality come pretty naturally to us.

Jay Baruchel is no exception. He’s transformed those anxieties into a brand-new TV show, debuting Apr. 30 on Crave, called We’re All Gonna Die (Even Jay Baruchel), in which he explores the myriad ways in which humanity can end, from nuclear disasters to alien invasions. For Yom ha-Shoah, Baruchel joins the program to chat about how his Jewish heritage helped inspire the show and take a stab at the ultimate post-apocalyptic question: what happens to us after we die?

Plus, David lays out the latest development in the truly never-ending Israeli/Palestinian wine saga, Avi plays highlights from the JNF’s recent Tech Shuk in Montreal, and Rabbi Joshua Corber discusses modern takeaways from Yom ha-Shoah.

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