Montreal restaurant issues recall for all kosher for Passover foods

Sesame beef from Ernie & Ellie's restaurant
Sesame beef from Ernie & Ellie's restaurant

MONTREAL – The Jewish Community Council of Montreal issued a statement on Wednesday advising consumers not to use during Passover any food items purchased from Ernie & Ellie’s restaurant bearing the Council’s MK Passover 2016 label.

The Council (formerly known as the Vaad Ha’ir) is the kashruth certifier that issues the MK hechsher.

The statement said the restaurant carried out a voluntary recall of all such kosher for Passover products. Ernie & Ellie’s, located in Décarie Square, has been in existence for about 20 years. It will not be open this Passover.

Council executive director Rabbi Saul Emanuel told The CJN that he was not satisfied that the restaurant had adequate “controls” in place to ensure that kosher for Passover food could be kept separate from regular kosher food during preparation.

Bringing those controls up to standard in time for the holiday was not feasible, he said.

Rabbi Israel Sirota, an owner of Ernie & Ellie’s, did not immediately respond to The CJN‘s request for comment.