Watch our short documentary about the current conflict in Israel

A screenshot from "A Day in Lod", our short documentary of life in Israel during the Gaza/Israel conflict of May 2021. (Credit: Igal Hecht)

Igal Hecht, a Canadian filmmaker in Israel, filmed a documentary showing life in the Israeli city of Lod, 15 km southeast of Tel Aviv, in May 2021. Fighting broke out between the Israeli Arab and Jewish populations, with many cars being burned and police taking to the streets.

The conflict began on May 6 with large protests in East Jerusalem, ahead of a Supreme Court decision on the eviction of Palestinian residents from the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood. Subsequent protests coincided with Muslim and Israeli holidays, leading the Palestinian Islamic Jihad to fire rockets indiscriminately across Israel, beginning on May 10. In turn, Israel responded with airstrikes against specific targets in Gaza. At least 300 Palestinians and 200 Israelis have been injured in the crisis.

Watch the video below:

  • Director and editor: Igal Hecht
  • Camera: Lior Cohen
  • Additional footage courtesy Bitachon Sadeh, Telegram, Facebook, Ka’an News and Israeli Police