Update: Police say cable guys at yeshivah not suspicious

Grey ethernet cables (Peakpx photo)

Toronto police have confirmed that they received a report of “a suspicious incident” on Oct. 29 at Yeshiva Darchei Torah on Champlain Boulevard in Toronto.

The yeshivah reported that two unidentified men wearing yellow construction vests came to its front doors on the morning of Oct. 29 and claimed to be cable repairmen working for Rogers Communications.

All doors were locked, “in accordance with our procedures,” the yeshivah stated in a letter to parents. The men used the intercom to try to gain entry, the school said.

A rabbi responded and asked for identification. The two men reportedly did not produce any and were sent away.

The yeshivah said it confirmed with Rogers that no servicepeople were sent to the area and that there were no service outages in the general region.

Police received a call to the address “for a suspicious incident,” Toronto Police Service spokesperson Const. Jenifferjit Sidhu told The CJN. Police did not elaborate.

“Thanks to proper security measures in place at the yeshivah, the men never got inside,” the school stated.

Later that morning, the yeshivah held an assembly to reiterate security protocols “and to impress upon (students) the importance of strict compliance.”

In a statement to The CJN on Oct. 31, police said they are continuing the investigation.

UPDATE: The following statement from the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies was released recently:

“Toronto Police have now confirmed that the two men who tried to enter Yeshiva Darchei Torah last week were in fact repairmen sub-contracted by Rogers. This incident is no longer considered suspicious.”