Alexandre Look of Montreal was killed during the Hamas attack on the Supernova music festival

Alexandre Look

A Montreal man was killed in the Hamas attack in Israel, his family has confirmed.

Alexandre Look, 33, a resident of Côte St. Luc, was attending the Supernova outdoor music festival on Oct. 7 near the Gaza border when Hamas terrorists opened fire, killing at least 260 people.

His parents Raquel and Alain Look, posted on Facebook that their son died trying to fend off the attackers, putting his own safety at risk to save others.

“Like a true warrior he left as a hero wanting to protect the people he was with. Alex was a force of nature, endowed with a unique charisma and unparalleled generosity,” Alain Look posted about his son.

In an interview with CBC Radio, his mother said she was on the phone with her son as he was trying to escape from the terrorists who had overrun the music festival.

 Look found refuge with 30 other people in a bomb shelter without a door and barricaded the entrance with his body, survivors of the massacre said, according to CBC.

An emergency fund started by Chabad of Westmount, with which the elder Looks are associated, has raised $27,000.

Its director, Rabbi Yossi Shanowitz, said Look died “heroically and selflessly”

Ben Mizrachi, 22, from Vancouver, was also killed at the music festival, his family has confirmed.

Vivian Silver, a peace activist from Winnipeg, who lived on Kibbutz Be’eri is believed to have been kidnapped during the Hamas attacks.

Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mélanie Joly posted on social media that she had spoken with her counterparts in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.