Week of Aug. 20, 2015

Legal rights needed for all 

JSpaceCanada, a Canadian progressive Zionist organization, is appalled by the recent events in Israel where participants in a Gay Pride parade were stabbed and one was murdered, and a Palestinian family home was fire bombed and two family members died, allegedly by right-wing, religious Israelis (Aug. 13). 

We understand the public outcry for treating these Jewish terrorists in the same manner that Palestinian terrorists are treated. However, we object to the use of administrative detention for up to six months without charges being laid for anyone, Palestinian or Jewish, without an opportunity to defend oneself in a court room, which is laying the legal framework for a police state. 

JSpaceCanada wants to support a secure, peaceful and democratic Israel and Palestine where all its residents, Jewish and Palestinian, enjoy full human and civil rights. 

Israel Lyon, JSpaceCanada 

Debating the JNF 

It is absurd for Mira Sucharov and the others that she quotes to attack a venerable institution such as the Jewish National Fund (“Is it time to have a debate about the JNF?” Aug. 6).

This organization was the forerunner to the building of the State of Israel and continues to play an integral role in land administration in Israel today.

Where is the heart-wrenching analysis of how Arab states not only expelled Jews after the establishment of the State of Israel but took their personal possessions and confiscated all their land holdings. Restitution has never been made by a single Arab state. 

Furthermore, Israel tries to deal with Arab land rights, but at the same time the Palestinians and most other Arab states continue with a program to make their lands “Judenrein.”

Arnold Recht 
Thornhill, Ont.

I am a 94-year-old Holocaust survivor and I remember that since my childhood, we always had a “blue box” in our home.

I am against those who critique the JNF and Keren-Kayemet L’Israel and the distribution of these funds to support Israeli-Arab developments in our homeland.

Contributions towards these charities have always been voluntary. I don’t believe that any other country or religion contributes towards the growth of their homeland to the same extent as the Jews do.

Independent Jewish Voices criticizes the JNF for not distributing funds toward Israeli-Arab developments. However, these same Arabs aim for the destruction of our Israeli state.

We must take Israel’s geography into account. We are sandwiched between Arab countries that wish to destroy the only democratic nation in the area.

We must do whatever is necessary to support Israel and to keep it safe and flourishing.

Samuel Wishinski

Re-thinking the Iran deal 

The United States and five other nations have made a treaty to prevent Iran from making a nuclear bomb for at least 10 years. Republicans in the United States and Orthodox Jews are outraged.  

However, Iran could become an ally of the United States against the Islamic State (ISIS). Canada could also contribute to peace by re-opening its embassy in Tehran.

By the way, if the Republicans and Prime Minister Stephen Harper both hate Iran, Iran can’t be all bad. 

Manny Winopol