Call for first-person essays on FLICKR

The digital version of The Canadian Jewish News,, is rolling out a first-person essay section, and we’re looking for content! We’re soliciting first-person essays that are fresh, thoughtful and honest, written in a strong narrative voice.

Wherever you fall on the denominational spectrum – whether you’re Orthodox, traditional, secular, an atheist, whatever – we’re interested in writing that highlights your experience of being Jewish – whatever that looks like, or means to you – in 2017.

And hey, we pay. Our current rate is $90 per piece.

We’re looking for essays that:

Tell of a particular experience or event and use it to explore the ways your Judaism impacts your lifestyle, relationships, family or professional life.


Look at how being Jewish intersects with larger issues like gender, race, politics, class, sex and sexuality, spirituality, health, identity, etc. You might use a personal story or experience to explore a particular question or argument.


What’s a first-person essay?

For a better sense of what we mean, check out The Globe and Mail’s Facts & Arguments section, ie: this one.

Other examples of first-person essays we liked are this and this.

Guidelines for submissions

While you needn’t be a published writer to submit a piece, we ask that you submit:

a) A short pitch outlining your essay’s central idea and how you plan to execute it.

b) 1 – 2 writing samples (these don’t need to be journalistic pieces).

Completed essays must be between 800-1,000 words.

Who should submit?

Our community is diverse. We want this section to reflect that. Whatever your age, politics, education or level of affiliation (or lack thereof) with institutional Judaism, we want to hear your unique perspective.

**We will accept essays written under an alias.

**Please send all pitches to: [email protected]