An interview with hometown hockey hero Zach Hyman

Zach Hyman, reminiscing about Burger Shack in Toronto, during a podcast recording for Menschwarmers.

Zach Hyman, Toronto’s homegrown Jewish hockey star, recently signed a seven-year contract worth $38.5 million with the Edmonton Oilers. The move will sadly take him away from his belowed hometown, where he played for the Maple Leafs since 2015 and where his whole family lives.

Before jetting off to Edmonton with his wife and eight-month-old son, Hyman spared some time to join CJN podcasters Gabe Pulver and Jamie Hirsh for a conversation about his Jewish roots in Toronto, looking for a new community in Edmonton and why his jersey is hanging on a wall at the Burger Shack at Avenue and Eglinton.

Plus: Gabe and Jamie break down a few recent Jewish Olympic medalists and give props to Rowdy Tellez for his latest hot streak.

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