Young queer Jews are redefining gender—and Judaism

Sadie Epstein-Fine, left, and Toby King are two members of the Miles Nadal JCC's inaugural Queer Jewish Incubator cohort. (Supplied photos)

Over recent years, the Jewish community has grown from merely being aware of queer Jews to standing where we are today: leaders and activists in almost every denomination are working to actively include queer Jews in Jewish law and practice. Queer and nonbinary Jews no longer settle for pointing out their existence and right to be included; they’re crafting narratives that explain how deeply and intricatley their queerness and Judaism are intertwined.

To dissect these issues and share their personal stories, we’re joined by two inaugural members of the Queer Jewish Incubator, a new project run by the Miles Nadal JCC in downtown Toronto. Sadie Epstein-Fine is working on a play about one of Tevye’s daughters being queer, and Toby King is gathering and archiving information about queer-Jewish wedding ceremonies to examine the various ways in which those couples celebrate their love.

After that, you’ll hear an excerpt from The CJN’s podcast Rivkush, in which host Rivka Campbell interviews Michael Twitty, the award-winning cookbook author, chef and voice for social justice, who describes life at the intersection of being Black, Jewish and gay.

What we talked about


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