With more rain coming, this B.C. broadcaster is bracing for the storm

The damage to Highway 1 in southern B.C. (Photo courtesy Abbotsford Police Department /Facebook)

Aaron Levy was driving to Chiliwack, B.C., on a Saturday night when it started raining. Hard. There was so much water coming down, in fact, that he lost control of his car and had to call to get it towed.

Levy, it turned out, was lucky. He didn’t realize how the heavy rainfall he experienced was just a taste of the historic deluge that drowned out huge swaths of southern British Columbia, killing at least five people and forcing thousands to evacuate their homes.

Although the situation has stabilized somewhat, the danger is not over. More heavy rain is forecast for B.C. later this week, and residents are still scrambling to recover their homes, stay safe and wrap their heads around the new normal climate. Levy is broadcasting as much critical information as he can from his radio station, CIVL, operating out of the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford. He joins the show to describe what life has been like throughout this emergency.

What we talked about:

  • Listen to CIVL at civl.ca
  • Read the flood rescue sheet at the “fv flood help” Facebook group
  • Learn the recipe for cheese latkes here


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