Will Israel’s government collapse after just one year?

Ellin Bessner, right, with Yaron Deckel, a former journalist who now represents the Jewish Agency for Israel in Canada, during a live taping of The CJN Daily.

One year ago, on June 13, 2021, a new Israeli government was sworn in, ushering a new era of Israeli politics after more than a decade of Benjamin Netanyahu’s rule, which culminated in four elections in three years. The new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, promised stability and change. But he’s presiding over a fragile coalition government comprising eight different parties—and cracks are beginning to show.

This week, the coalition began facing its biggest crisis yet, as it struggled to corral votes on raising the minimum wage, extending Israeli law into the West Bank and other hot-button subjects. Some political observers fear the Israel government may not survive long past its one-year anniversary.

To discuss these issues, and to hear some predictions about the future of this Knesset, Ellin Bessner sat down with acclaimed veteran Israeli journalist Yaron Deckel, who was recently appointed to represent the Jewish Agency for Israel in Canada, as part of the first-ever live taping of The CJN Daily. Recorded live at the Canadian Summit of Israeli-Jewish Affairs, in Ottawa, at the Delta Hotel.

What we talked about:


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