Why nobody cares about the Winter Olympics this year

Barnabas Szollos competing for Team Israel at the 2022 Winter Olympics in China. (Photo courtesy Israel Ski Team/Facebook)

Despite the usual fanfare before the games began, hype around the 2022 Winter Olympics died down tremendously during the games themselves and TV ratings have hit historic lows. Maybe it’s the inconvenient time zone; maybe audiences are boycotting the Olympics for being held in China, given the attention paid to the Uyghur genocide; maybe the whole spectable is just too close to the delayed Summer Olympics last year.

Or maybe there just aren’t enough Jews winning medals.

To discuss what went wrong at the Beijing Winter Olympics, and look at how Jewish and Israel athletes performed, we’re joined by Louis Keene, a reporter at the Forward who’s been covering the games. Follow him on Twitter @thislouis.


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