Why we need to think of climate change as a Jewish issue

(Photo by Marcus Kauffman/Unsplash)

With a hot wildfire season upon Western Canada and a record-shattering heat dome that just killed hundreds of people in B.C., it’s imperative for Jewish Canadians to look at climate change as a real threat and ask what they can do to help. And yet, despite a clear intersection between environmental protection and Jewish values in the Torah and Mishnah, there has been very little collective Jewish action beyond a few groups and some prominent climate activists.

One of those prominent activists joins us today. Tzeporah Berman, a longtime Canadian activist whose resume includes years at Greenpeace and working with various arms of the B.C. government, and who is the co-founder of Stand.earth, joins to discuss the Jewish angle on environmentalism: what we can do to help, and why climate change is a Jewish cause.

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