‘Who cares’ about swastikas in the trucker convoy, group’s Jewish spokesperson asks

Protesters wield a swastika flag at the truckers' rally in Ottawa. (Photo via Twitter)

This weekend, a convoy of protesters, including truckers and those opposed to mandatory vaccine passports, reached Ottawa after days of a cross-country tour from British Columbia to the capital. Parts of Canada’s Jewish community agree with the protesters—however, their goodwill hit pause after scenes emerged of a swastika flag, among other racist emblems, waving from within the convoy.

The main spokesperson for the truckers is Benjamin Dichter, a Jewish activist from Toronto. When asked specifically about the swastika, he brushed the question off: “People troll, do stupid things, whatever. Who cares?”

Dichter couldn’t be interviewed in time for this episode of The CJN Daily podcast—we hope to speak with him this week. Instead, today we’ll hear from Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman, who is sympathetic to the convoy’s cause but livid about the displays of antisemitism, as well as Andrea Freedman, president of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa.

What we talked about:


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