What’s going on in Canada’s Green Party?

The leader of the Green Party of Canada, Annamie Paul, is the first Black and Jewish woman to lead a federal party. (Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Ever since another round of conflict began in the Middle East in May 2021, the Green Party of Canada has been rocked by infighting and a leadership crisis. Jenica Atwin, an MP from New Brunswick and the Greens’ latest addition to the House of Commons, who has described Israel as an “apartheid” strate, recently crossed the floor to join the Liberals, after clashing with a Zionist advisor to Leader Annamie Paul.

But what’s really going on? Is the biggest fault line truly Canada’s relationship to Israel? What are the ideological distinctions between the party’s factions in the wake of Elizabeth May stepping down as leader?

To help understand what’s going on, Rabbi Avi Finegold, host of our current affairs podcast Bonjour Chai, is joined today by Jeremy Appel, an Alberta-based progressive journalist who’s covered the Greens for years. Listen and subscribe above.

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