What this Canadian-Palestinian peace activist wants you to know about life after Oct. 7

Yafa Sakkejha
Yafa Sakkejha, a Toronto entrepreneur and peace activist born to Palestinian parents, says she is "ashamed" by Oct. 7. (Submitted photo)

Yafa Sakkejha was named after the city of Jaffa, where, until 1948, her Palestinian grandparents lived and owned property and managed orange groves. Sakkejha’s mother grew up in East Jerusalem, but left the country during the First Intifada in the late 1980s.

Sakkejha, who was born and raised in Toronto, feels deep pain over the devastation that has resulted from Oct. 7—not just for the Palestinian people and her own relatives still living in the war zone, but also for the Israeli victims, hostages and Canadian Jews facing antisemitism.

That’s why Sakkejha is now taking an active role in an Israeli peace-building initiative called Friends of Standing Together. It’s a branch of the original organization, founded in 2015 by Jews and Palestinians living in Israel, who are working for peace, civil rights and security for both sides. Since the war began, Standing Together has called on both sides to end the fighting.

Sakkejha joins The CJN Daily to speak about her personal experiences since Oct. 7, and what she wants her Jewish neighbours to understand.

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