Why one Jewish couple decided to leave the city for a rural life in Uxbridge, Ont.

Shari Hirschberg and Charles Karstadt in front of their home in Uxbridge, Ont. (Supplied photo)

It had long been a dream for Charles Karstadt to own a piece of land. And not just a suburban house, but a real plot of earth, where he could farm honey from bees and take hikes in the nearby woods with his partner, Shari Hirschberg.

They spent a long time looking for the right place, ultimately landing on a rural home in Uxbridge, Ont. With few public amenities and plenty of natural surroundings, it seemed perfect, even though it was far from their former Jewish community in Toronto. Then the pandemic hit—and, suddenly, their decision was vindicated.

They join Yehupetzville, our podcast about Jews living in small-town Canada, to discuss their decision and how its affected their lives.


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